Matt Bragg

Matt Bragg is the best new act I’ve seen in ages
and I’ve seen a lot.
— Mike Gunn

Matt Bragg

‘Matt is a master of delivery, with timing that keeps you hanging on the edge and then the edge again. His dry humour and subtle anecdotes leaves the audience listening intently wanting more of the cool calm and collected comedian.’

Currently working for Manford’s, Just The Tonic, Funhouse Comedy, The Comedy Club and others. In the Final of Manford’s New Act of The Year and performing at Just The Tonic’s Big Value showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Incredibly and effortlessly funny, had the audience in the palm of his hand as soon as he stepped on the stage. If you haven’t seen him yet, then I strongly suggest you make haste to do so.
— Comedy Cow Blog
He’s very good. Nice style. Great jokes. Definitely one to have a look at.
— Justin Moorhouse
Originally from Oxfordshire but sporting the cool Manchester look of Liam Gallagher and swagger to match. This was my favourite act; Matt’s ability to pull the whole audience into his storytelling was brilliant but it was the pauses that marked him as a comedy genius, leaving us hanging for just the right amount of time before revealing a hilarious punchline. Make a note of his name because he will be the next big thing.
— The South Bristol Voice Magazine
Impressive delivery and great Comedic timing, one to watch!
— The Comedy Club

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